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Hello I am Ken-Zoe M. Stevenson

Good luck if you are on facebook still, I'm not anymore!

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The saga of Jeffrey Epstein & Ghislaine Maxwell

Oh these interesting speeches from Joe Biden

More watching material you may find either amusing or upsetting. More to come soon!

Whether fact or fiction? Right Click Here "Save Link As..." to Download Plandemic: The Movie

Whether fact or fiction? Right Click Here "Save Link As..." to Download Fall Of Cabal: The Movie

Whether fact or fiction? Right Click Here "Save Link As..." to Download ZeitGeist: The Movie

A certain link you may enjoy. This particular one is great! Mr. Moral Majority's
Hawaii property. Just remember Bernie people, the rich don't pay their fair share,
maybe, Marky will let you visit his private beach?

Business Insider: Take a tour of Mark Zuckerberg's gigantic $100 million property in Hawaii 7-3-2019

An article anyone with children using facebook need to be aware of.

Tech Transparency Project: Sexual Exploitation of Children on Facebook 3-3-2020!

Some news links you may enjoy.

The Guardian: Over 300 cases of child exploitation went unnoticed by Facebook 3-4-2020!

NY Post: Why Zuckerberg's testimony doesn't add up 4-6-2018!

Daily Mail: Jeffrey Epstein bragged about calls with Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg 10-2-2019!

Visit: The Corbett Report

Another site dedicated to outing possible pedophiles: The Official Fuck Facebook Website

A must see site : IN THE MATRIXXX.COM!

Another must see site : IN THE MATRIXXX : YouTube!

Another good site : ReallyGraceful : YouTube!

A MUST READ : The Declaration Of Independence & The Constitution!

A MUST READ : Bloodlines of the Illuminati!

I am so happy to "Trust" these guys : The Hodge Twins!

Another way to "Stay Informed" : The First TV!

Yet another way to get the news : The Blaze!

Some music videos you may enjoy.

Motorhead: The Game

J.T. Wilde: Digital Soldiers

C. Prather / S. Mudflap McGrew: Friends in Safe Spaces

Chad Prather: Snowflakes Cry

Bubba Sparxxx: Country Folks

Bubba Sparxxx: Made On McCosh Mill Rd

The Lacs: Keep It Redneck

Jawga Boyz: Ridin High

Five Finger Death Punch: Wrong Side of Heaven

Disturbed: Sound of Silence

Godsmack: I Stand Alone

System Of A Down: B.Y.O.B.

Avenged Sevenfold: Shepard Of Fire

Avenged Sevenfold: This Means War!

Who's Conspiring With Russians?

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